When looking to build a modern home in the middle of the desert, you needn’t look further than Kevin B. Howard Architects. Kevin B. Howard Architects delivers a building process that is both streamlined and state of the art. “We evolved from a small architecture firm to a building, construction and design company,” Howard says. “From construction to décor to landscaping—we’ve made completing a dream home both uncomplicated and fulfilling.”


The firm’s most recent endeavor, a design studio and furniture showroom, marks a tremendous milestone for the firm. “To serve my clients’ desire for high-end kitchen products and furnishings, we’ve created a full-service showroom,” Howard says. “We showcase the finest European manufacturers and represent the Poliform, Varenna and DEDON brands as well as Miele appliances.” For Howard, quality and convenience are hallmarks of his showroom pieces. “Our business approach speaks volumes to our clientele, who appreciate the ease of having the complete construction process under one roof.”


Founder Kevin B. Howard is a native of Arizona; he has an innate appreciation for the local land and designs site-specific homes that are fully integrated into the landscape, adapting Wrightian principles of organic architecture. “All of the influences of a site—the cacti, flora and fauna, topography, site orientation to the sun— all of these become a factor in designing a home,” says Howard, who is also inspired by the modern tectonic approaches of Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier. Rooted in the ideals of sustainability, authenticity of materials and carefully integrated construction, Kevin B. Howard Architects is helping redefine the relationship between built form and nature. “We strive for every house we design to have less of an impact on its local environment,” Howard says. “Many of our roofs don solar panels that supply the home with electricity. “Our designs are driven by a need for homes to be sustainable,” he says. “Form follows that very important environmental function.”


Howard, who also engages in commercial architecture, brings a fun, energetic quality to all stages of his projects. He has worked with Senior Associate Architect, Joseph E Brown for over 24 years and business manager Jodi Bellah for 15 years. Together the synergy of the three makes the process smooth and enjoyable for clients from the start of design to completion of construction. “We not only strive to design for that client’s lifestyle and for that site, but we also make sure it’s a building that can be built within budget,” he says.




"I believe in creating value through design. I work hard at meeting a client's budget while providing them relief from the ordinary. I am a native of Arizona. Having grown up near Taliesin West and educated at the University of Arizona, my design approach grows out of a love for the Sonoran Desert. Designing homes that blend and work with the desert is at the apex of what I do... When the residence belongs to its particular site, and no one can imagine it anywhere else, then we have done our job."  -Kevin B. Howard

Kevin B Howard Architects is a full-service firm, with the goal of providing human comfort and an incredible experience of living at home in the desert.

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